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Posted by Luvessy at May 25, 2012 6:10:05 PM

Well, I've been out and about and considerin' all this here talk about Ms. Phoenyx and the conclusion that I'm coming to is that I find Ms. Randomact the most suspicious of the whole ordeal. you see, I reckon that asking about night actions is some that an innocent is more likely to do than a rogue, particularly if the rogues are in communication with one another. Sure, it could be used as a JMT for a rogue to try to appear all innocent-like, but I don't think that that quite fits.
So what I conclude from this is that it's rather more suspect for Ms. Randomact to point out the subtle confession Ms. Phoenyx might have been making unintentionally than it is for Ms. Phoenyx to have done it.
Now then, this whole theory of mine starts to get complicated when I start considering the reactions people gave - this is something that I would have to be reviewing, as I remeber only Mr. Talisker cause he's been quoted a might bit, but I know that there were others who were quick to jump to agreement with Ms. Random.

Another one who has caught my attention is Ms. Clasalle. It was as she was talking, and she went and said:
Clasalle wrote: 
I find it more likely we got some quiet rogues on this fine Day 1 so I am going through this list of players and these are the people that have not left an impression at all to me.


Well, I muddled over this for a bit and was struck by her sentiment there, the "not left an impression" and well, I just thought, "Golly gee, that's a right short list so early in meeting folks." Well, at that point I myself had only spoken up once and I don't reckon that I said a whole lot. So I was left wondering why I wasn't on that list and what impression Ms. Clasalle would have and also thinking about there's a whole host more people that I'd have to put out there myself were I to list such a thing.

Now, Lyaka went and asked about items and I don't reckon that there's much cause to go talking about hidden things. I will say that I've seen items at least twice before and there are a few different ways that they might be used - sometimes they pass every night no matter what and sometimes only after they've been used and sometimes when someone wants to pass them along cause they think someone else ought to hold 'em. And really, I reckon whatever which way this happens here in DC, we'd best not go talking about it and spreading rumors. at least not yet when there's more harm than good that could come from it.

Oh, I also remember Lyaka asking about whose "alt" someone was. Well, I know that means alter-ego and some will disagree with me, but the way I figure it if someone is going and changing their name and all, well, they probably just don't want to be known by their old name and it's not right useful for us folk to try to puzzle out who they used to be. But that's just my opinion and I don't know that it really matters all that much to what's going on.

Anyways, I best be going out for a bit and off to ponder more things. I'll be seeing y'all later, Spirit-willing.

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