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Posted by Talisker at May 25, 2012 6:09:17 PM
In the shower it occurred to me that Phoenyx's modquestion was without a doubt a JMT. When you get a response like this one:
JMR wrote: 
But.. If she was rogue.. Couldn't she have just asked it in a rogue doc and possibly gotten a response rather than saying it in the thread?

Mads wrote: 
Agreed. Rogues can always communicate via the rogue docs

you have most definitely given the impression of innocence without stating innocence. Whether it's indicative of roguehood or not is an exercise for the reader. I disagree that only rogues can JMT. Anyone can, it's a tool in the rogue toolbox though.

For myself, I think the attempt to play it off in the middle of her big post
Phoenyx wrote: 
And before anyone accuses me of another JMT (Which I can't see how but then I didn't see how asking about night actions when there are Rogues AND Roles AND Items and they ALL have night actions was a JMT)

makes me lean to low FoS and an additional FoH for the insults. The casual dismissal of something demonstrably a JMT stuck out to me.
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Gunnermooch wrote: 
I can't respond because I do not understand what the hell you are talking about. Sorry.

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