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Posted by taelac at May 25, 2012 5:55:19 PM
Riku wrote: 
MrBriney says "I vote with gut". People ask, "Do you have any other justification?". MrBriney says "No, my justification is gut". And then Taelac comes in and says "Give me actual justification". The threatening tone combined with seeming to ignore what MrBriney already said is unsettling. Taelac already knows that MrBriney voted on gut, and he explained multiple times that gut is his justification. Why, then, question him and demand reasoning that you know he doesn't have?

On the contrary, it was something I knew he had to have, and he did eventually provide some further explanation. There had to be something that triggered his gut response--if it was legitimate instead of rogue fabrication. "Gut," by itself, is not any sort of justification for a vote.
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