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Posted by The_Jokerina at May 25, 2012 5:25:34 PM
@MrBriney: re: pressure votes

I see now. The way you had originally said it, I was led to believe that you did not like pressure votes at all, even in cases where it was to prevent someone from coasting.

You are choosing the battlefield, as it were, only arguing points that you think will cast the worst light on me.
No, I'm choosing points which I don't understand.

I don't necessarily agree with the argument, "I would do that as a rogue, so they're a rogue" however, I am satisfied now that we know what triggered your gut.

clasalle wrote: 
False. Just saying, as someone who loves to flail in the wind, I actually tend to find flailing as a bit of a null tell. No one wants to die. Rarely will people walk joyously to the lynching.
Well of course no one is going to let themselves be lynched, however, a rogue is going to be tangled up in the web of lies they made.

Now as to the bolded part I am just wondering when you feel it will be appropriate....Day2, half way through Day3?
When I feel confident enough to vote for someone.

From what I've seen of past games, there is the usual "To abstain or not to abstain" discussion. I must say, I am not the biggest fan of this repeated discussion as it is quite easy for rogues to regurgitate one of the side's arguments. Knowing people's stances is nice, however, we'll see them when the time comes. I had intended to post this earlier but heh, I got a little side tracked.

Smileo wrote: 
If you do not realise how petty most Day one arguements for lynch are, take a look at the history books and the towns success rate, it is worse than the average town to rogue ratio, suggesting it is worse than a crapshoot.
Right, so the usual Day one discussion is generally fruitless, however, I do not see you offering any other topics to start discussing.

By gaining days, we get to use our votes later in the game when there is more information, and more reliable information.
Do we really want to be missing lynches just so we can gain an extra day at the end? Or, where do we reach the point where risking lynching an innocent is worth more than an extra day.

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