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Posted by smileo at May 25, 2012 4:55:48 PM
An interesting read biggrin
Rare wrote: 
yours is an attitude I want to see stamped out.
Rare wrote: 
Yeah, Smiley generally is in the "always Abstain first round" camp.

Talisker regarding my plans wrote: 
just forget day 1, no rogue hunting to be done here or anything. Just abstain

Tae wrote: 
I find Smileo's quick-draw abstain more concerning

Jokerina wrote: 
Smileo's abstain worries me slightly. It seems that he has said his piece for the Day and that is it.

kotetsu wrote: 
I'll throw some more pressure on smileo for his refusal to engage in rogue hunting day one. Whether or not he's a rogue isn't the point - it's that if he isn't a rogue, he needs to change his behaviour to help find one. If he is a rogue, we can't let him slink away.

At no point have I suggested that
1.I am done for the day
2. I wont vote.
3. Im not interested in hunting rogues.

all 3 statements misinterpreted or assumed.

Let me make my metastance very clear so we can get it out of the way. I am pro abstain for very good reasons. But I am not above voting if I see something that speaks to me.

If you do not realise how petty most Day one arguements for lynch are, take a look at the history books and the towns success rate, it is worse than the average town to rogue ratio, suggesting it is worse than a crapshoot.

The town as a conglomerate make bad decisions day 1 that always end with innocents lynched, then bandwagon analysis that ends in Day 2 innocents lynched. its a destructive cycle that we need to get out of so that we can be more fruitful with our lynches

When someone does something that makes you go hmmm, by all means note them down but when building a wall of evidence you need more than just a brick to be convinced. Its akin saying "the killer was wearing sneakers, and you wear sneakers, so you must be the killer." you dont ignore it but you should be more sure than you were last game before you convict.

Nalanthi also made a great point about roleholders, with so many assumed in this game, lynching the wrong person is more likely to send a role down the bin than a rogue.

A third and final point. For every 2 days we abstain or miss a lynch, we gain a day at the end. Information is historically unreliable day 1. If we are all hunting then you will gain more information from that than you will from a crapshoot bandwagon vote. By gaining days, we get to use our votes later in the game when there is more information, and more reliable information.

Vote when you suspect someone is a rogue by all means, but dont vote merely because you feel you should.

As in house ROMS historian and mod of the last game, you'll be very aware that I voted CrazyMG last game round one after beginning along my preferred pro-abstain line. So to state that I am in the "always abstain first round camp" is twisting my stance to present a more extreme and alternative image that supports your vote. Why would you wish to twist my stance to present a more extreme and alternative image that supports your vote?

Im not sure but didn't george w bush do that once?

I am also interested in my attitude that you want to stamp on, please would you expand?

I have seen through working with you how you think and operate as a rogue, so I will be watching you madame biggrin.


Im getting a similar vibe from you this game to last. I am not comfortable with how you present what I post, it feels like you are adding flavour to my sentences again. Last time you did that you were a rogue. I will also be watching you good sir biggrin.


I love your quote most of all, refusal to hunt rogues? did you assume? you know what that makes Kot :P

I didnt find Jokerina or Tae to be particularly unreasonable.

I liked the idea of getting votes and intentions down early in the last game. theres always time to change it until the deadline passes. I may leave it there, or if like in Prison break I find something to be worthy, Ill switch to a vote.

I've not had much time at home these last couple of days due to pre olympic setup at work which = 12hour days topped off by my 5 hours commuting means little time for sleep, that said I love ROMS and have no intention of shirking my responsibilities. I will be able to settle down after tomorrow, but just in case anyone has plans on assuming otherwise
Im not done for the day yet, I might yet vote, and I dont like grilled cheese sandwiches

hey quit hoggin the text captain greedy, I havent had a word yet

ok go ahead, say something

well now you put me on the spot GEEZE.
huem, well I do like grilled cheese sandwiches, and. erm i need to sleep. oh and Riku is awesome, I like reading Riku's posts. whatever his alignment he is really good and Bunny Larue. ok sleep

*headdesk* he's right tho, time for bed. Ill bring cookies tomorrow with more about more
'Tis not true, that I are psychologically challenged
I prefers the term "Mentally Hilarious"

Could very well be a rogue.

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