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Posted by Lotsofgoats at May 25, 2012 3:54:25 PM
To be fair, though, Prosperity didn't necessarily defend me after being voted. He was just doing lots of, "He reads very innocent to me..." reassurance if people looked my way. Full disclosure is good disclosure.

The other possibility for getting a reaction is having fellow rogues come defend the rogue that you've put under the gun. That's much less likely statistically (i.e. way more townies than rogues to start) and strategically (i.e. a rogue would be giving the town places to look if he pointed at one of his buddies early in the game), in my mind. That and it makes it irrelevant as a reaction-getter, since you may as well be voting for the rogue that you're already voting for. Goodness that all sounds so ugly.

Something that came to mind while reading through all of the abstain v. no-vote business...

Do we have a way to retract votes? I don't see anything in the rules about unvotes, and that's an important distinction if abstain votes are going to count towards the total.

o hi a post between my last one and this one, now Imma look all disjointed >:[
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