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Posted by marinated at May 25, 2012 3:51:34 PM
Phoenix wrote: 
Of this is bugging me. The bold bit. I've re-read the rules a few times and I'm still not seeing where this is stated anywhere. Someone want to point me at that statement?

It was in the early sign-up thread in the DT.
Quitex wrote: 
Items are... well... items! That give you one-time or x-time powers. Also, items can usually be passed around the players. If you come across an item, you will receive a PM detailing how to use the item and what the item can do to you.

Lyaka wrote: 
Furare wrote: 
Either way it's still suspicious, but I don't see it pointing to being a rogue.
"...I still don't get how anyone can say something is 'suspicious' while saying that it doesn't make them a rogue."
Well, it was pretty strongly implied that there would be more than the two standard factions (innocent and rogue) in this game. So 'suspicious' actually has a lot more ground to cover than just 'rogue'. Without having any way of knowing what all the factions are, it's hard to say which can coexist with an innocent victory and which cannot.

Where was this implied? The win conditions in the OP don't give that impression and I don't recall any mention of it elsewhere either. Are you suggesting here that JMR may be referring to a third party?

Lyaka wrote: 
This is a role-and-item heavy game. Items, quoth the mods, are single-use. At first look, it seems to me that innocents holding items that are not affected by game state should use them immediately. For an item affected by game state- such as one that grows more powerful the fewer number of people are left, for whatever values of powerful apply- I can see an argument to waiting, although at that point it's basically an enormous game of chicken. But if an item's power or property is relatively absolute, should not it be used at once to avoid the possibility of loss?

And lose any advantage that might come from waiting? Also, we've been told that the items can be single or multiple use and can be transfered.

Mrbriney wrote: 
In contrast I felt the votes placed upon Crazy at the start were unwarrented and unfair, as it was clear she was a new player and still getting to grips with the game.

Wouldn't that also apply to Firebolt?

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