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Posted by Lotsofgoats at May 25, 2012 3:33:22 PM
So as I said over on the ROMS forums, I had a post cooked up that I tried to submit last night, but I got 503'd literally the moment I pressed "Reply to the post". In it, I thanked Bunny for the costume change, but she took away the animation from my avatar and that made me sad. riku had asked what to use instead of the medicine that people use to make meth, so I said, "Use meth." The comic timing has now been ruined.

The only thing of substance was me musing that briney's vote wasn't a pressure vote, but rather one to garner reactions. I know that certain personalities will look for any chance to gain a townie as a sheep by defending them as a rogue. I should know, at least, since Prosperity did it to me in my first game. I also tend to set random weird traps like that, which is why I read it that way. Seems that I was wrong, and it really was just a quickdraw gut vote.

I think that briney is reading "borderline insults" from taelac that aren't there, which he's addressed as frustrating more recently. I think frustrating is a better word, since I haven't really seen anything that made me gasp. We do have a pretty punchy crowd around here, though, so maybe I'm just conditioned. That's the only thing that raised an eyebrow in their exchange. It's reading as half frustrated and half over-defensive, at this point.

On Dwizzles, I think the Argemone Booch (i.e. saying "ban" when you mean "lynch" indicating that you're a rogue) only applies to Argemone. Again, I should know, since somebody tried to bring the lynch on me for the same mistake. I actually tried to look through old games to see how many times it wound up being a good diagnostic, and the results were terrible.

That was an oddly-spaced post, so I'm adding this down here for Feng shui.
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