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Posted by riku743 at May 25, 2012 3:32:26 PM
I'm a bit confused by that the votes/suspicion on MrBriney seem to be largely because people don't like the way he's posted so far. I find this odd partly because.. that shouldn't happen, and partly because I'm not getting the irritating vibe that apparently multiple people are getting.

Besides Kotetsu's, Taelac's response to it bothered me the most. This part stood out to me.
Taelac wrote: 
Furthermore (I explain again) the justification behind my vote is gut. What more do you want?

Something that is an actual justification. Her few posts so far haven't been much different than any number of new players regardless of status, so I'd like you to point out exactly what it was in which of her posts that you thought sounded like you as a rogue/wolf/scum in a different game. Which comment matches up, and what did you say that sounded like it, and what was your motivation for saying it at the time?

"Gut" is sometimes a reasonable explanation, but never by itself, and I do not find it reasonable in this instance. It ranks with "He's a beast" for all it tells us.

MrBriney says "I vote with gut". People ask, "Do you have any other justification?". MrBriney says "No, my justification is gut". And then Taelac comes in and says "Give me actual justification". The threatening tone combined with seeming to ignore what MrBriney already said is unsettling. Taelac already knows that MrBriney voted on gut, and he explained multiple times that gut is his justification. Why, then, question him and demand reasoning that you know he doesn't have?

Medium FoS: Taelac


Master seems to have acknowledged that the main reason behind his vote doesn't make sense (the "I accidentally the whole thing" seems like admitting his mistake), but he has not removed his vote.


Randomact, in this post, feels oddly.. noncommital. There's a lot of "Well, this.. but then maybe not". Watchlist.
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