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Posted by Nykkel at Sep 25, 2003 2:58:51 AM
Re: the magick inn - quick inter-arch travel
If it's a "can't socialize with my friends who live in other archipelagoes" problem, what if there were a large Inn on an island out in the middle of nowhere? Either have ships that go there (probably too much hassle) or portals from existing Inns (probably better, and perhaps with a fee). Players could go to this large central Inn to socialize with each other, and later return to (only) the Inn on the island they came from.

To keep this a social-only thing, the Trading and Betting-during-Drinking/Swordfighting abilities might have to be disabled on that island, as people could otherwise use it as a way to trade items without using normal transportation. Or you could just make it impossible to drag items out of the Ye item list while on the island, so people could still bet poe on contests of skill.

I've been on other large online RPGs that use a similar concept -- there's a socializing area you can reach from many other places in the game world, but you can't perform anything game-useful while there, other than talking to people. And when you leave, you end up right back where you were when you entered the social area, so people can't use it as transportation.

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