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Posted by Aur at Sep 25, 2003 12:15:37 AM
Re: the magick inn - quick inter-arch travel
If its friends trying to meet up with each other, there is a very simple solution already in place. Whisking using a boat. Just ask a crewmate to hop on a ship so you can meet up in the same place. If the friend isn't a crewmate, just job them in and whisk em over using a ship. I do this all the time to chat with a friend or get a battle of skill with them.

Only downside to this might be if both friends are in seperate crews and neither of them are officers, so they can't job. But really the probabilties start getting really remote if you are talking about two people who can't find a way to whisk over, both are in seperate crews and neither is an officer and/or can't get someone to do a quick job.

I don't like the idea of the magical inn or whatever. I am still kind of iffy on whether I like the ability to transfer money so easily between archs especially with the economies in the archs so disperate.
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