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Posted by Eightycats at Apr 26, 2012 12:24:56 PM
On the Horizon...
Greetings fellow scallywags, rapscallions, ne'er-do-wells, and cat lovers,

Now that we have finally managed to scrub most of the unicorn glitter off of the docks, it be time for a wee chat 'bout where Puzzle Pirates is headed next. We are long overdue for a new puzzle, and we are in the midst of a plot to set this right.

We don't want to tip our hand completely just yet, but we do have an eye towards adding an alternate carpentry puzzle, just as rigging provides an alternative to sailing. We are also weighing our options for a future crafting puzzle, but those plans are still of a more sketchy Ye Olde Dry Erase Board variety.

Looking even farther out to the horizon, there have been reports of dark shapes swirling in the depths of our design meetings. Have ye ever seen a kraken?

These plans will take quite some time to complete, and we reserve the right to change course along the way, especially if we find yer feedback compelling. We just didn't want ye to think that the development team has died off or forgotten ye in the months ahead.

Fair Winds,


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