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Posted by Snowpixie at Feb 22, 2012 3:37:12 AM
Re: Design Egg Furniture for the Game 2012 [Deadline February 29th]
A quick question for Clotho regarding seems, both to check up on something for those who've been doing it (and maybe make it easier for myself!)

In some cases, some of the more complex patterned skins are presented as a rectangle on a plain background. (I can provide examples if you like, but I don't want to single anyone out - it's fairly common), and it avoids the whole having to make the design seamless issue.

Is this okay to do, or would it just be considered a self-imposed-considerably-wider seam?

From what I understand, the seamlessness is the arrtist's requirement - and I'm not really sure why, and whether it's an absolute. Some beautfully decorated eggs (like the animals) only have one suitable view anyway, so is there a reason (bearing in mind the above question) why patterns must be 100% rotate-able?
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