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Posted by nicolas_hop at Feb 20, 2012 12:41:21 PM
Natacha's Avatar Shoppe 2 [OPEN]

Welcome to NATACHA's avatar shoppe!

Ahoy, I'm Natacha from the Emerald ocean!

I have always been in love with those cute little avatars, so I've decided to make some my own!
I'm very new at this, I don't have a lot of experience.
I hope you like my art though!

General Information
  • cute avatars
  • price: choose yourself
  • preferably only one action in the avatar (let's keep it simple)
  • I'm usually not free at weekends (so if you order Friday, you will most probably not get is Saturday)
    I will try to get most of them done asap, but delay is possible.

How to order?
Include the following things in your order:
  • Your name and your ocean
  • Portrait link
  • Name included on avatar: yes/no
  • Facial expression: angry, sad, happy, ...
  • Which shot: full-length of the body/shoulder shot/...
  • Action: do you want a certain pose? do you want it to do anything (e.g. winning at a poker table)
    => please keep the actions simple and possible
    => preferably only one action
  • Items: familiar, pet, sword...
  • Extra requests/information

  • Stonecold
  • Zis
  • Nemedor
  • Kingmet

Please leave a comment if you like!
If you have any suggestions to improve my art, please tell me!
Natacha on the Hunter Ocean.
Captain of 'The Mystery Fleet'

Avatar by me

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