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Posted by laladibla at Jan 31, 2012 2:40:11 PM
Re: Ode to Malachite
In hindsight, I think that I wouldn't have posted this thread to begin with if I knew that only roughly 1/3 of the posts are relevant to the topic at hand. I didn't want to see this become a sinkhole for political abuse, but well it just shows that when people are determined enough to prove eachother wrong, they end up dragging people, ideas and the feeling of team spirit and cooperation into it whether or not they were uninvolved.

Last time I checked, the title of this thread wasn'tInadvertent bitching thread (including via poetry) nor Political Sinkhole nor even CD's unfortunate Island Attempt Discussion. The title was (and still is) Ode to Malachite, and it is a thread about POETRY.

What exact right, do you think you, in all your ever-so-correct minds have, to take a thread specifically posted to try and help Malachite end on a high, in a very creative and literal sense, and then to take this, and effectively smash it to pieces just because you think you can? Unfortunatley, quite a few of you would probably argue that it is because it is the internet. Well screw you. Grow up, and learn some bloody manners.

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