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Posted by Caribastos4 at Jan 31, 2012 1:04:23 PM
Re: Ode to Malachite
Boyk: EI lost drogeo last week. CD was attacking, not defending. My point was that in the interest of keeping one of Mala's best islands out of BK hands, the ocean should have come together and supported CD. Instead, they threw up obstacles in the form of a brig pillage and a PvP kade. Even at 500 poe per seg, jobbers make out far better in a kade than on a pilly. Raising to 1k, or even 2k, wasn't going to help with 3.5k on virid.

Bob, Ben, and Boyk: 2-3 rounds of sinkiness at 3.5k isn't exactly cheap, and that's what it would have taken to have a CHANCE at drogeo. Not everyone has unlimited poes. Spending that much on drogeo would have been a more enticing option if there wasn't a potentially expensive zuyua defense the next day. It's not fair to say CD shouldn't have dropped if they planned to defend Zuyua as the zuyua drop happened well after the Drogeo drop - which was my point. Why are mala's flags trying to make it more difficult to win back an island from a BK?

This wasn't my kade, isn't my flag, and I have no real interest in continuing to post in this thread. I've said my piece, and if you'd like to chat about this more, feel free to find me in-game.
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