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Posted by ade446 at Jan 31, 2012 12:10:56 PM
Re: Ode to Malachite
Zuyua is not relevant what so ever, it was going to be player owned regardless. Drogeo however now has to go through 100%tax for a month because of you guys being irresponsible about caring for the island. And here you are blaming other people's drops for your inability of defending the island.

Clearly you were not with the intention of defending Drogeo properly when you wont even put up a normal cade offer to defend it, which makes your point about viridian cades null as you didn't even try putting up a decent job offer, less when you're competing with pillages for the jobbers. Also, before you call someone out for being super selfish, you might want to read what you just wrote. If anything, you're not giving a shit about anything else then yourselves.

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