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Posted by Caribastos4 at Jan 31, 2012 8:16:55 AM
Re: Ode to Malachite
The decision to pull out of Drogeo was made for three reasons. They are, in no particular order:

(1) Josh loaded a brig pilly;

(2) Virid was at 3.5k;

(3) CD had to defend Zuyua the next day.

CD had reason to suspect, and it turned out to in fact be the case, that EI was throwing its support behind Poohb at Zuyua. So yes, a PvP defense the next day supported by a flag with resources and a recent history of pay-wars played a part in the decision to pull out of Drogeo. Zuyua turned out to be relatively inexpensive, but there was no way of knowing that at the time - there was no pay agreement until an hour prior to Zuyua.

As for whether Poohb/EI intended for this to happen, while I know that several prominent members of EI were upset that CD dropped on Drogeo, I can't say for sure whether the Zuyua drop was motivated by that.
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