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Posted by Caribastos4 at Jan 30, 2012 4:13:47 PM
Re: Ode to Malachite
Pilly offers show up on top of kade offers on the NB, and newer players don't always know to look down. Josh also (apparently) has some friends and flaggies who chose to make less money pillaging than they would have made in the kade. There were also a couple of high-paying PvP kades on virid at the same time, so to draw off-ocean jobbers would have taken pay of closer to 3.5k. There were enough people puzzling on ships on Mala to beat that BK. But Josh saw to it, after being asked many times to wait, that a chunk of them were on a brig pillage.

And frankly, Poohb deserves a shout-out here as well, for making CD worry about defending Zuyua the next day. I don't know what the thought process behind that drop was, but if it was EI's way of getting back at CD for dropping on Drogeo, that's a super selfish move.

It's been fun, Mala, and there have been some awesome events these past few days. Shame we couldn't work together to take one of our best islands out of the hands of a BK.

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