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Posted by Ezder at Jan 30, 2012 1:08:33 PM
Re: Intent for Windward Vale
Sup Avienda. Should I take your flag's recent actions of complaining to the OMs everytime something offensive comes up on the forums in your direction, or are you gonna just remove the signature?

Q's a douchebag, no doubt, but after you have made statements that say you don't go the personal attack route, I find him making that statement about a colourblind person in general offensive, being that I have a visual disability.

I can remove it if it makes you uncomfortable. The comment was about one of our royals, who scored 126 on a Danish IQ test that I linked him, without knowing that he was colourblind, and some of the symbols were multi-coloured. He also didn't know that he could use the full 40 minutes, but thought that he would get a higher score if he did it fast, meaning that he'd probably score really high on a test without colours, and where he used the full time. However, given that Q's IQ is 135+, said royal is not as smart as him, in Denmark, where the test is coloured, which was Q's comment when being made fun of for something.

I found it hilarious at the the time but if you're still uncomfortable with it, I will of course remove it, and I apologise.

Edit for Cairna: I was referring to the raises up to 3K, where you raised while outjobbing and we matched.

Doesn't matter though, it's not an accusation, purely stating what your intention was and that we didn't want to play along.

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Qvintvs flag royalty chats, "I won't play for that much longer and when I quit, my pirate's dead body will be sent out at sea on a burning ship and let's face it, you will be on that ship as well.

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