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Posted by Ezder at Jan 30, 2012 12:42:28 PM
Re: Intent for Windward Vale
You have to read her siggy to get what shes trying to say.
Like brisky obviously just wants a high five, poor guy.

The funny thing about Brisky's post is that I posted the graph for the cade he's talking about (when we took Laby, R3) at the time, and everyone shut up about it after seing it wasn't much to cry about. But whatever. :)

Edit: My internet was down for a few hours, leaving my reply in some sort of limbo before it actually went through, so I hadn't read the later posts.

And Cairna, yes, you didn't match our 5,5K but the fact that you kept raising by steps of 500 while outjobbing before that point still made your intentions pretty clear. Nothing wrong with it, we've done similar things just to reach a higher pay level, but it wasn't something we wanted to play along with for WV.

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