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Posted by glittertjess at Jan 30, 2012 12:27:03 PM
Re: Intent for Windward Vale
It seems to me as if it's: My enemy refuses to fight me, while it fight's its enemies. So the only way to get to my enemy, is to fight my enemies enemy, while fighting the initial enemy.

Im sure this cleared up confusion, yw.


We had no interest in WV but wanted to sink Legacy, so we let IC keep the island in the end. We stopped matching after pay hit 5k. Legacy was paying 5.5k while KO was at 5k. Legacy stopped jobbing on their 2nd WF while it was on 40, kinda upsetting for the jobbers sitting there I am sure. Also, when the small ships spam came and around the end of the round I looked at flag pages, KO had around 85 jobbers while Legacy had 110. We stopped jobbing after we sunk their frig and pulled off our 2 frigs starting of 2nd segment and only sent in a brig to flagsit during the 2nd seg. Legacy started spamming the board with smaller ships and the round turned to be a bit more real. Was fun with a nailbiter ending! Highfive Whitehaze for blocking the cutter exiting at the end of R4 D:!
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