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Posted by Hurtboss4 at Jan 30, 2012 10:40:44 AM
Re: Dear Anchovia
I may be wrong, but I was almost sure it was touching. Hm. Been a few years since I last did a Dark Aeon gauntlet, though.
And yeah, randoms are off, as far as my bad memory serves me too.

And wait


L2anima, srs.
Magus sissyters are more badass than Bahamut. The mere symbolism behind him, the temple he's obtained at, and the way he is summoned (Hurting Yuna, only aeon that does so) just puts me off him like woodchuck on a stick. And when you go against him, what's the deal with the 100% charging like a failboss.
And, scene.
*lights out*

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