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Posted by the_rock99 at Jan 30, 2012 10:23:51 AM
Re: Dear Anchovia
Yeah I knew if you saved he reset, couldn't remember if it was just touching. But, I refer to my previous statement about X-potions.

As I don't have PAL, when you are in CotSF to fight Dark Yojimbo, are random encounters off? If not, couldn't you just encounter one of the fights there and use Curaga / what have you?

(Either way you could use Curaga out of battle...POINT IS, at that point in the game the no save sphere healing restriction is so stupidly pointless with how much item farming the player has already done.

I think random encounters are off. Regardless I'm pretty sure you need quite a few of your summons to still be alive when you fight him (So the save sphere prevents aeons from healing and you cant use potions on them). Also, its only when you save and exit that you reset the count, not when you touch the sphere.
Better than you.

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