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Posted by Setsusa at Jan 30, 2012 4:56:15 AM
Re: Dear Anchovia
Dear Anchovia,
Please play FFX through and through with me, as we max out and beat the Dark Aeons. It's ok if we don't do Penance, because he's very big and overall chubby.

Dear poebuyer,
You mispelled Meridian on your signature.

Dear Motouman,
Congratulations on your impressive feat!

Uncreative youtube account ++!

Regarding Penance, why would you bother? It takes no skill it's just a loop that you can't really deter out of for the most part. I'd feel more of an accomplishment from beating the Dark Aeons that can be killed in numerous ways than running through the same move cycle for 40 minutes to kill Penance when in reality, the game was coded to allow you to beat him.
Cremate on Emerald.
Motou on Meridian.
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