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Posted by Ezder at Jan 30, 2012 3:01:11 AM
Re: Intent for Windward Vale
Good game IC (and KO too, I suppose), and a big thanks to all jobbers as usual!

It was probably one of the most messed up blockades we've been involved in in terms of contenders repeatedly pulling out and coming back, the paywar nature of the rounds against Knockout, and the pay going up and down so much. Not to mention that all this happened over such a worthless island.

Anyway. R1 was fun (for us, probably not for IC, looking at the sinkscore and so), R2 flagsit, R3 we didn't contest because our staff had left and it was very obvious that KO wanted a paywar and a bloodbath over Windward Vale, and we had limited interest in that. R4 we contested, even though our ventrilo server had crashed and most of our original staff had left - Knockout paywared up to 5K without letting us catch up before we decided to play it outjobbed, and yet lost by only 24 points.

R5, both KO and Legacy (Score: 2-2) had pulled out, and IC came in to flagsit it. We came back to fight again (still without ventrilo and low on staff), KO came back to target Legacy ships and help IC win, pay once again reached 3K or a bit more and in the end, IC successfully defended by winning one round with KO's help.

There were some accusations against Legacy, and claims that we paywared during R1 (the hatetells came after a raise we did in the middle of the round, at 98-150). This time, that was not true, and I will post the graph for the round to prove that.

(I could post a graph for R4 as well but as far as I know, there is no controversy there, and KO's intentions were pretty clear, so I won't spam with it.)

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