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Posted by Therealhunta at Jan 29, 2012 2:22:09 PM
Re: Dear Legacy
I have just told you how we will build. What else do you need to know? Tax? Currently 31%, as we needed the extra 1%.

That's too vague. What if Dilemma does a "Hunta" and dropped a few "flag shoppes" claiming that shoppes have dusted on Jubilee?

As the new ocean police chief, I demand accountability and proof that Dilemma will not do a "Hunta". :P

Yup.. RM have heaps of flag shoppes on Kirin. A grand total of 0. Look out Viridian, I'm coming after YOU with my flag shoppes!!!!!

Vendetta much? ... no idea why. Contact me on your main and we'll talk about how I already posted the truth about my Govnership in another thread and owned your bullshit.

The economy of Kirin was at it's peak and held it's stability when I was Gov. Since it's had numerous other owners who decided to screw with the tax and stable shoppe market, it's merchanting prowess has declined dramatically.

Don't take my word for it, speak to some of the shoppe owners like I did. They have a wealth of knowledge that need not be made up... hence it seems asthough it is a reliable source.

Or keep trolling...... w/e
Viridian Meridian Ocean

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