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Posted by sardinez at Jan 29, 2012 8:50:33 AM
Re: Dear Legacy
Oh please, IC dropped shoppes for poe, Legacy do the same. There really is no difference.

Did Dilemma dropped a weavery within hours of winning Jubilee?

Yes, you did.

Flag shoppes or not, it's still dropping shoppes. If Dilemma wanted to preserve the "beauty" of Jubilee, why not offer to buy any of the existing ones?

I can't believe im going to give you a reply, but I will.
Dilemma dropped one shoppee, and bought a shipyard. Nothing else will be built, any rubble cleared. im sure even you can see the difference between building two a week, and once in what 2 months (and longer, here's hoping).

Fair enough.

Any chance of posting your flag's intent of how Dilemma plan to run Jubilee?

Since the existing governor is Seep-he-who-that paved-laby-for-800k-a-pop, I have my worries. <3
Greatness said:"I said "we" because I was also part of that blockade team at the time. So yes, I kicked ass too. There's some reality for you."

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