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Posted by Monliz at Jan 29, 2012 8:08:40 AM
Dear Legacy
Hello. I thought it was time to share with you some thoughts, feelings, and things I know with you and the rest of Viridian. When you were a new flag, you came to me asking for my blessing to take TLM from the BK that held it at that time. Most people know TLM is dear to IC since we colonized it. The promise made was that it would be respected and not paved anymore than it was. I became upset when Avienda informed me that taxes would be set at 100% but her reasoning to me was that it would enable shoppes to be dusted so that TLM would regain some of it's original beauty. Well. That was certainly not what happened. Therefore, Legacy broke their promise about TLM. Some may say IC paved islands. Each shoppe we ever built was well thought out and, as in the case of Laby Moors, we built on rubble/dusted spots with the intention of the last shoppes that we built before losing it to you Legacy, that no more would be built.

Legacy, the ocean would like to know where your sense of entitlement comes from. Also, what gives you the right to disrespect people. I am not just speaking about me. I am not just speaking about Imperial Coalition. In any war you get in, you purposefully hunt newer inexperienced navers or undermanned ships (yes that is war and that is acknowledged) but and this is a big BUT and something I hear from a lot of very experienced players, why do you not accept a challenge on game? Why can it only be in some arena as in Game Gardens?

Lastly, Qvintus where do you get off punching a woman in the face? Be it only a threat on a game of pixels but no woman, and I mean no woman and you know of what I talk, should ever be hit by a man in an act of dominance.

With all this said, I hear you are going in to retirement. Does this mean your plan to drop on every flag that caded you last year in that one weekend when you lost all the islands Legacy held is now mute. You will no longer be going down the list and cading til you win then scuttling and moving on to the next flag. Should P4P, Dilemma, others be preparing to see you coming?

We would also like to know why you pulled out of Windward vale after winning 2 rounds.

As for pounding IC into the ground, don't you know that could never happen?
Captain and Counselor of Midnight Aurora & Queen of Imperial Coalition on the Meridian Ocean
Queen of Lion's Bane on the Obsidian Ocean
Queen of Imperial Coalition on the Emerald Ocean

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