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Posted by cybrpyro at Jan 27, 2012 5:21:46 PM
Save our Beer... Again [another Kirin Defense Thread]
Ahoy all! Seems it's that time again....again

(mind you interesting aspect from the attackers as they are blockading each other on another ocean... see Seems they want to Pave Kirin on Viridian)

What: Defend Kirin and save the Beer!!
Where: Kirin of course. (2 lights lit)
When: Jobbing starts @ just after 11 pirate time for a noon-ish go time
How: See the Notice board! We will be up there.
(1) Kirin is one of the best running islands on the ocean. Come help us keep it that way.
(2) We think all you mates are worth an intent post. (even though this one is lame. I hope to come up with some witty banter a bit later.)
(3) Oh and we'll pay ya at least 1k per segment

Thank ye for your Support! (Yea, it's not beer, but...)

-Cybr on behalf of Static before the Storm

Thanks again to Gtmac for our awesome beer label!
Cybrpyro on da Cobalt well as the rest

Perilous Puppet Theater
Freak-a-zoid wrote: 
Cybr-dude puts the F. U. in fun!!

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