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Posted by johnnywind at Jan 26, 2012 9:30:13 PM
The Viridian Way!
Well, as you may have all heard. Virdian and Malachite are merging into one big ocean called Meridian?(hope i spelled that right). Anyways as you all know there is going to be around 50 new islands and 8 new arches. Now at first i was shocked and saying, well there goes the consumer market for some archs because people will be spread thin everywhere due to all the new islands and mala doesn't have the largest amounts of players. But what i just came to realize is, WE virdians who have served on this ocean for years will not let these Malachite invade our ocean and rape and pillage our waters we know so well.

I know most of us dont see Eye to eye on most things, and fight about islands and bragging rights about certain things. but as this new so called *threat* invades our waters, we must stand together and fight off the newly incoming invaders. Now dont get me wrong im not saying every malachite is bad, but people wont be trying to make friends right away. it will be people trying to snake these new islands and try to establish a central base to collect resources and try to claim our islands/archs.

People will probably Have different opinions on this topic and that is 100% acceptable becuase no one Really knows what is going to happen. And people will most likely disagree with what i am saying. but i foresee a Ocean wide war going on. and we can cripple these malachites before they can even establish a settlement and grasp a hold on our territory.

SO BAND TOGETHER FELLOW BRETHREN as one and lets have some fun >:D
Navys-SO/Lieutenant of Infernal Armada

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