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Posted by Empatheticly at Jan 26, 2012 3:10:10 PM
Re: *Intent to save the grass of Kirin - An open letter*
Manipulation, war's favorite past time, present, and future time. All you want is the islands, Legacy is in this for the people more then you think, we're not a bunch of morons like everyone thinks, we already expected you to interfere, after navving for us a few weeks ago. Also Sir, you're pathetic, stab every ally in the back you have left before your time runs out.

If Cairna was in it for the islands he'd not go around spending money trying to help a BK win. You do realise Cairna isn't getting the island right? The BK is going to. Or did that escape your genius of a mind?
He is only trying to stop the mad-shoppe-dropping rush that your flag leaders are undertaking.

How is dropping 2 shoppe's a week on an island which has so far been maintained so well by the previous governors 'being in it for the people'?

Its an undermining issue, cairna wants everyone's support on this so she can win the island after the merge without any trouble or 3pds, is that not evident?

I dont think you get the Picture, This is not a KO effort only...This is a whole group of people From many flags banding to make this happen and Asking many more to join in on the fight aganist the Asphalt Flag (Legacy) Cairna just posted the Intent. but if it was Whiterose or any of the other contributors, Would you still say the same to them, Or you mad because it was Cairna?

I would say the same to anyone who tried to get the whole ocean against one flag, especially if that flag i am apart of. All warfare is based on deception, how do you know Cairna just wants Kirin? I get that no one but the BK or legacy will have it after this weekend, but im speaking after the merge, KO will try to get Kirin, i don't condone what my flag does but i have no say in it, im just here to take all the haters.

Not that I like to go against friends, but you do understand, it's not about who gets it after the merge, it's about who gets it during the merge. All Cairna and friends are trying to do is explain, as she did in her beginning post, that if Legacy continues to hold it, 8 new shoppes will be built. What Cairna is trying to prevent is the further degrading of an island that already looks awful and overbuilt. She's truly in it for the people, whereas Legacy's past and current governing policies are tax at 100% and dropping shoppes as much as possible, because they make money. I don't think it's fair you have to take the fire of the entire ocean because you're one member of Legacy, nonetheless you will have to defend your flag if the royals won't.

Again, Cairna isn't about deception, she's in it for the beautification of an island that already looks like a turd. But as shown by Stormy Fell, and the fact that she does by "trophy" shoppes as they're called to sell them at a loss. I think even if she were to win it after the merger it would still be better than Legacy holding it.
I do what I can, when I can.

- Empathetic,
Still playing, here and there.

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