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Posted by glittertjess at Jan 23, 2012 5:15:50 AM
*Stormy Fell Event Cade #2*
Knockout will be running another event blockade on Stormy Fell this week!

Event details:

We will be running a 1-round non-sinking event blockade on Stormy Fell this Thursday at Noon gametime with prizes to be won for the top 3 places! Paycap is 1,000/seg for the event. Jobber cap is 40 and a maximum of 10 staffs are allowed to be online in the blockade crew. This event is ship-capped. A flag can only enter a maximum of 1 brig, 1 fanchuan/dhow/cutter and 2 sloops at any given time on the board (Ships in the safe-zone doesn't count). Breaking any of these rules will make the contesting flag ineligible for the prizes. Check the notice board for the exact event details.


1st Prize - Free Stately Flag Hall on Stormy Fell OR 5 WBs stocked 60 Fine rum / 300 Mcbs (Winner can choose between the 2)

2nd Prize - "Phantom Class" War Frigate (Donated by Brisky)

3rd Prize - Merchant brig stocked with 1500 Fine rum, 2500 Lcbs and 1500 Mcbs.

PS: I'll still be selling sloops purchased from Stormy Fell merchants for 20 dubs only to promote the stalls. Contact me in-game if you need some last minute! We're still refunding 10 dubs for opening all types of stalls except IM and distilleries. Housing rebates of 50% dubs are also still available upto Manors and Fine Crew/flag hall.
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