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Posted by tilinka at Jan 15, 2012 7:51:07 PM
Tilinka's "Yet Another Puppetar" Thread
This is replacing the Catch-Me-If-You-Can Puppetars (which is rife with broken images). The basics are more or less the same.

In fact, I'll just copy 'em over:
To Order:
1. Log onto Emerald
2. /who Tilinka
3. IF I'm online, I'm not on a ship, AND I don't have an away message up, THEN /tell Tilinka I want an avatar.
4. Give me stuff*
5. Tell me what you want. Keep it fairly simple (and preferable interesting. This works best if you can provide a portrait, QPC link, or happen to be wearing what you want for the avatar.
6. Wait anxiously for it to be done.

I am flexible on payment; I will accept most anything so long as it isn't insulting. I will take the standard PoE/doubs; as well as furniture, ships, shiny trinkets, etc. I particularly like sheep, brightly colored bolts of cloth furniture, and hats.
You can pay me on any ocean you choose (though obviously, I prefer Emerald).
If you need an idea, in the past I have generally been paid between 20K-150K for avatars.

Blockade Intents
I will do blockade intent art for free if the flag requesting it agrees to place 1-2 pieces of charm on the island should they win the blockade. If you are interested in this offer, PM me or contact me in-game at least 5 days before the intent post needs to be made.

Other Art
I am willing to do art outside of forum avatars. Please contact me for details on that sort of thing via PM.
Tilinka, Emerald
Perilous Puppet
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