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Posted by Piraatteun at Jan 7, 2012 11:35:09 AM
Re: United Oceans Discussion
I was only using that as an example. Don't get too knit picky. Was only putting myself in the shoes of what I think is the basic mindset of a lot of the population on this game anymore. Yes, you have your old timers, etc. who are willing to test this game with no rewards. How would you feel as a newbie to go on an smh, win a white seahorse, and it's not yours. I'm just playing devil's advocate here, for maybe why there is not anymore people testing this, than there are. I mean, seriously, can twelve or thirty-nine people really give you a feel for how this will turn out? Or find all the bugs, etc, you need? I really think that OOO thought people would flock to the chance to test this for them. It seems to me that's not happening. Although logging onto Midnight, and only finding 147 people on, kinda says something too.

Cerulean is useless for us(doublooners), indeed...

What will we test there? It's not only about new features, (that's the smaller point) it's about a shock of oceans, a MASSIVE mix of people who never met(in most of cases). In Cerulean, people from Emerald and Meridian won't test what they want to, they won't meet the MASSIVE people and the islands they're supposed in the official merged ocean, that's the point I want you to see why doublooners won't get any test from the Cerulean, they won't live there when the official gets released.

We almost don't see anybody there, no pillages, no SMH, people have to do things alone and it's boring. But there is a reason for that: Midnight and Colbat are subscribers oceans, they always have lesser people logged than doublooners ocean, much lesser, so it won't have many people to test.

I hope OM's put real test for the doublooners, who are the most in this game.

EDIT: Oh, just to say, I logged there now and I can't find any pirate or pillage, so how I'll explore the ocean without a boat and money? that's too sad for the players that doesn't played on Mid or Colbat once.
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