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Posted by mouse2cat at Jan 6, 2012 6:09:58 AM
Re: United Oceans Discussion
To be honest, I would not be surprised if we did not see the Emerald and Meridian testing oceans. We have Ice which tests everything but the new content does not go to another testing ocean where doubloons are used.

Not to attack anyone but all these excuses how you don't have anything on Cerulean ocean are just unacceptable. We, as a community, asked for this merger so I think now its time to suck it up and get over it.

If not having "stuff" there is what is pissing you off, I have set up a crew and I have no problem recruiting anyone for testing purposes.

Agreed, I have never been a blue pirate but it is no trouble to log on as a blue alt and scope it out. It was pretty deserted but I was able to find some people and have a good time. Sure, I'm not as stylish but whatever.

And we found a bunch of bugs and reported em.

Unfortunately for alting a lot of my merger questions are related to the ocean map. How the maps will join? how it will affect trading? memming (:( I was getting so close to 100% on Hunter) gem running. And my Cerulian alt doesn't even have islands on her map.

The green pirates are grumping because the announcement made it sound like there would be multiple testing oceans. But considering we were at 40 players online last night 1 test ocean seems reasonable. And it was unexpectedly buggy at that.
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