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Posted by bkny612 at Jan 4, 2012 3:25:59 AM
Re: Get to know your neighbor! Win a renamed sloop! (deadline Jan 3rd)

2. Cerulean is a horrible name

And yet, you know if they released it as a colour, you'd include it in one of your many-coloured getups.


But, no offense to SS, lime is a horrible color and so is PINK :D
But they still look good mixed in with a buncha other colors.

Just cuz I wear it doesn't mean I have to SAY it!

I'm rubber and you're glue.

My big brother can beat up your big brother!

Shut Up!!

Yeah ok, I got nothing
Kill your brother, you'll feel better-----Edgar Frogg (The Lost Boys)

Captain of Freakshow(a non-crew)
King of Carnival Of Oddities(a non-flag)

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