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Posted by Squidbeard at Sep 24, 2003 2:23:58 AM
Where's the memo? How come I didn't get cc'd on the memo?
Dorel wrote: 
Considering that ye can't bring yer poe with ye when ye travel like that, ye'd have a lot of people stuck in your inn with no poe to buy any drinks either.

Travel like what? Did they start the Magic Room thing already, without tellin' me?! Blast it, how come I'm always the last to know?

Besides, I haven't sold a drink since the day I opened the place! An' if Fronsac has, he sure hasn't told me how he did it.

Don' matter, anyways. I jest like seein' a crowd carousing. Heck, I'd throw a hunnerd poe into the fray once in a while jest t' give 'em somethin' to fight over.

High Priest, Cult of the Red Mantis

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