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Posted by lizardorb at Dec 29, 2011 9:37:04 AM
Re: Get to know your neighbor! Win a renamed sloop! (deadline Jan 3rd)
Kittentamer, though quietly observing some times and tarting quite merrily at others, has observed the code for sea monster hunts if nothing else:

Once aboard, claim your favorite standard puzzle or request the rules for applying for gunner/dedicated defender.

*If* you qualify, or those running the ship know you had in the past *and* did a good job, ask to be on the list.

If you did not make it, don't complain too much about it or we will all cheer once you are planked.

Take your station, do it diligently, pay attention, and you'll be jobbed whenever you apply, asked to job whenever you don't, and sometimes gift subbed if that is the only reason you can't make it!

It comes down to respect for your fellow pirate, and most of all respect for those running the ship. I've been on some sinkers that sank only because they were new runners and didn't make full use of this, and guess what? We all thanked them for the run and politely asked if anyone got any cool injuries.

Oh, and if Hagrid is on ship, he tends to get the familiar on divy. He has to complete the Harry Potter character list somehow and the game seems to want to help.
~~Kittentamer on all oceans. Cerulean 99.4% memmed, starting on Emerald!~~

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