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Posted by MissCee at Dec 27, 2011 9:28:56 PM
Re: Get to know your neighbor! Win a renamed sloop! (deadline Jan 3rd)
Hi New Friends!!!

I'm Cee. The resident Wine addict. I gun and distill. Sometimes carp. Don't ask me to do much else. I get crabby. Nice to meet you all!!!

My lil Cobalt Tidbits:

- Even though I claimed that I hated all the blockades Darlie threw in succession, I love that it changed the ocean's politics and alliance circles. They were so dead, and new friend circles were made.

- Our flag loves a good BK blockade! On Dragon's Nest, Static fought a 19 strength. On Kirin, a 17!

- Cybrpyro's favorite beer isn't Kirin, it's Sam Adams

- Xelliana is the only Cobalt pirate that has the Ultimate of Ultimates Trophy with all of the current puzzles. He's only missing #1 distill.

- (Which leads me to...) Stevensam/his alts held #1 distill for all of 2011 (and I hope that by posting this I jinx him and steal the spot!)

Cobalt has some fun recurring events:
- Yarr Talk's Effed-up Flotilla Fridays (Drinking Game)
- Mixed Nuts Monday Night Pillages
- The PoE is Right (do I get brownie points for that?)
- FFF used to run Sloopy Poopy
- Morbuzaan used to run a montly blockade, until someone made him choose one of Cybr's islands and he ran off to another ocean

- While some people still talk about how everything on Cobalt was better 5-6 years ago... I prefer to live in the present. I think it's pretty fun now (otherwise, why would I still be here?!?!). Small ocean with quality players who work together :) I'm glad that we're merging with Middy, and the rest have run off to Viridian.

Thanks for a cute even, Steven! Can't wait to meet all the Ceruleanites! Ceruleanese?
Misscee on Cobalt

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