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Posted by IVdripper at Dec 24, 2011 7:44:09 PM
Re: Get to know your neighbor! Win a renamed sloop! (deadline Jan 3rd)
My tidbit comes from very early Coblat.

In the beginning, less than a month after Coblat opened, the Ringers decided to open the Big Three islands for blockade on the same weekend. The blockade was set up with the Ringers defending (with help from some Midnight navvers -- any MNers old enough to remember this?). It was agreed, since we had no shipyards yet, they would not use ships bigger than we had, would not put more ships on the board than we had, and aside from starting supplies would not magic up more.

During the blockade, Nenya, who later admitted that opening the three large islands at once was a mistake, attempted to correct that mistake by going against the initial agreement and blocking all three of the islands from being colonised. The result was the sinking of a lot of ships and well, it was not pretty. Much tarting was to be had, and many ships were returned to the attackers. To this day, those three isles remain in Ringer hands. Events were had where pirates owned them for a short time and were able to build some shops.

And, just an added tidbit about those flags:
Sun Dynasty - Pennsuedo Never took an island on Coblat and the flag disbanded shortly after the blockade fiasco.
Hydrophobia - Bibity (my flag) Took Olive island when it opened, and while not terribly active, the flag does still exist, making it if not the only, one of the oldest on the ocean.
Something Powerful - Sneako Took Kirin island when it opened.



"They sicken of the calm who know the storm."
-- Dorothy Parker

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