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Posted by Ilyarus2004 at Dec 23, 2011 8:58:26 PM
Re: Crazy Challenges!
"It was her!" Timothy hollered as he pointed towards the dark shadows. "She was the one who took the gems! It was EVELYN"

Quickly Patch-Eye Bill grabbed his first sloop by the name of "Creative Bream" his sword and sailed towards the dread waters. He could not simply find the wretched hag. It seems like all hope was lost.

You have stumbled upon the wanted poster! It states that you must defeat Evelyn in sea battle. You need to provide a screenshot of you winning the sword fight against her while on a ship in battle. She must be a swabby on the opposing ship! Make sure you include a /info so I can tell that your screenie is nice and fresh.

Ilya on most of the oceans,
Russian on Midnight.

Hypnos tells ye, "i burn u"

Avatars by Silverransom, Domokun, Shortyjack and Tilinka!

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