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Posted by Ilyarus2004 at Dec 23, 2011 8:58:13 PM
Constant Challenges!
Pirates explore the seas across each land, and with the interoceanic path coming along, it is crucial we discover and acknowledge the existence of each aspect of the game. Let us sail, roam, and puzzle!

There will be challenges posted sometimes daily, sometimes weekly. It all depends on prizes and ideas. If you ever have any prizes you want to contribute or have a challenge idea, please feel free to message me.

The winners will be posted here along with the prizes:

Hunt of Evelyn: Sloop + Golden Helm -

Events will be edited into the second post of this thread, so keep your eyes open because first post that solves completes the challenge will win the prize.
Ilya on most of the oceans,
Russian on Midnight.

Hypnos tells ye, "i burn u"

Avatars by Silverransom, Domokun, Shortyjack and Tilinka!

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