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Posted by v76odessa at Dec 21, 2011 9:56:22 PM
Re: An entirely not noble idea
Ha, Midnight's population isn't great yet the blockaders here pull teeth to get their jobbers (the occasional limb comes loose, but who doesn't want a peg,eye-patch, or hook?). The strageties that are planned are just as effective. I don't know much about colbat, but if their anything like the blockaders around here its gonna be good poe chances for jobbers. Gosh, thats its i'm coming back to the game, can't miss all of this action! However i do say, Midnight got swag.


From what I've read, Cobalt pays a lot more to their jobbers than Midnight, dunno if that really will matter in the end or not.

That might just be because Midnight has more blockades?

No, I told you why already, now shush you !

All kidding aside, I expect most blockades if not all will have matching pay. It isnt that we dont have any 2k a seg blockades. It is just we have not had any recently. Not that I remeber. Or is Red right?

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