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Posted by RedSeaWitch at Dec 10, 2011 6:50:08 PM
Re: United Oceans Discussion
For subscription labor I'm going to guess that while the change will hurt some shopkeepers who are trading labor, the ocean as a whole will have increased labor provided. I doubt that there's enough labor trading being removed to take away the whole benefit of a 50% increase in hours for every single account.

Well, Culli... if you have 6 pirates on your account, you'll in future divide 48 hours between them, on one ocean.

I suppose, shopkeepers who traded labor before, will have to rethink that strategy. Especially those who pay 1/1/1. I know, that I won't trade anymore (not that that has much worked for me. they always went dormant and dropped off), but rather gather all my alts into my own shoppes and stalls. I'm pretty sure, others will do the same.

All in all, I believe OOO is doing a good thing. The forum posters asked for it, got it and now they're whining. But that's not surprising, rather typical.

It'll be a brandnew ocean (times 3). Personally, I love I can keep my "stuff", but I would have preferred to have stats etc. start anew. That includes memming. I know, especially on Midnight there are the "old" discontinued routes and old pirates would probably scoff at that. But, it's a NEW ocean.

If memming wasn't an issue, the devs might have more freedom with the way the arches connect. Maybe the maps didn't have to be knitted together at 2 crosspoints. Maybe they could take the different arches and put them together in a different cohesive new-one-ocean way.... Alas, it seems to be too late for that...

Let's all look forward to ONE ocean, not to them and us, whoever them or us would be. And let's rebuild a cohesive society.

BTW, I've voted ROYAL (blue) for Midblat :)
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