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Posted by Stephensam at Dec 10, 2011 6:09:09 PM
Re: United Oceans Discussion
Is it possible to have the oceans placed straight on top of one another?

From a story point of view, perhaps this other ocean was "underneath" the current ocean and that's why they've never been seen before. It's not an entirely foreign idea in pirate mythology.

That way, you could have lots of different islands from one ocean connected by routes to various corresponding islands on the ocean below. Compared to just sticking two oceans side by side and joining them up, there'd be no preference for the islands that are on the connecting routes; everywhere on both oceans is suddenly more central and a bit more compact.

I think they way the oceans are set-up as it is, this might be difficult and would require a greater stretching of inter-arch routes. Also, there could be issues of having rare commod spawns too close to each other. Hermes did mention that they're going to test the new map first, so clearly there's some leeway with how it's going to work precisely.

I don't see how this merge will stop the new combined oceans from being low in numbers in the next few years to come. I don't see how merging is tackling the main problem of the game, just seems to be prolong the inevitable.

We all know that merging doesn't change anything about the core-gameplay. This is just a way to buy more time for the game, give folks some more time with their favorite game before it eventually dwindles even more. This thread really isn't for core gameplay changes, it's for discussion of the merger and questions that arise as a result.
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