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Posted by evarestem at Dec 10, 2011 6:06:28 PM
Re: United Oceans Discussion

I am excited as everyone else about the oceans merging! I see it as less division of players by removing the servers.

But I've noticed the game losing its popularity over the years ( probably due to lack of new players and current players quitting). I don't see how this merge will stop the new combined oceans from being low in numbers in the next few years to come. I don't see how merging is tackling the main problem of the game, just seems to be prolong the inevitable.

I am just wondering if OOO are planning on making more dramatic changes to the game to keep it up-to-date with its competitors. There are a lot more funner games than PP available to players now than before ( such as LoL! :D), I hope OOO plan to compete with this games and offer players more fun and action than other MMORPG.

Also, will OM's be running any events to help integration between the two oceans or just leave them to it?
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