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Posted by Stephensam at Dec 10, 2011 4:59:12 PM
Re: United Oceans Discussion
With now the suffixes for character with the same name, does this mean that it's possible to have more letters in your pirate name now

No, the suffix adding letters is much like the merging of accounts giving you the possibility of having 6 pirates on a single account. It's a side-effect of the merger, not a change of the rules for the future.
Will it be possible to merge sub ocean to dub ocean? such as merge midnight+viridean

If cades are going to be closed for a month placing shoppes should also be closed during this period.

If it wasn't for the newly opened islands I would disagree, but having 4 weeks of safety with an undeveloped island is a bit too much.
Will this be taken into consideration when my active and well develop pirate name is shared with another who has only able stats and doesn't own anything else besides maybe bedroll and rat, but was last seen less than 2 years ago. Dipping the scales so that i would get the normal name without the suffix even though my pirate is younger?

They've stated their rules for who gets the suffix and who keeps their normal name. They're not going to look into each individual pirate who thinks they're more "well developed".
I guess to address the familiar price dip question, I don't think it can change that much, because with the incoming of familiars you also have the incoming of players. Unless of course Ruffryderr decides to sell his familiar farm.

Something to keep in mind, while there will be a larger number of familiars, if you think about the future, there will actually be fewer fams being poured onto the oceans (before, it was 6 fams at a time, now it will be 3).
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