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Posted by RedShadow2 at Dec 10, 2011 3:37:30 PM
Re: United Oceans Discussion
Much of Midnight and Cobalt have enormous surpluses of labour as it is.

Due to the introduction of regular LE ships, furniture/housing, and the vast increase in sinking environments, I don't think this is the case any more. I think the current balance of the labour hours per ocean is just about right.
As an uninformed observer, I'm very surprised that this was even the case. Is there so little demand on subscriber oceans or was it a matter of a very large supply?

There is little demand for the big ticket items (ie. bigger ships) as they are relatively useless (this may change after the merge). But plenty of people buy smaller boats, clothing, rum, shot, etc....
So yes labour is needed and is often used rather quickly.
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