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Posted by Gotagota at Sep 23, 2003 11:25:46 PM
I now want to put in a bid for an Inn on Nuptial.
I support any idea to keep people coming to see my name on the Inn.

This idea would remove the navy as the primary means of interarchipelago travel for pirates without friends. I don't see this as a terribly bad thing, though. I don't mind at all easy travel between civilized islands. Uncolonized islands still need to be sailed to, one way or the other.

If so, though, I'd like to charge variable rates depending on where the pirate wishes to go. I mean, I'd probably charge higher to go directly to Alpha (maybe just a few poe more) and perhaps Squiddles and I could work out a deal whereby it costs marginally less to transfer between our respective Inns.
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